THE SCHOOL FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP was implemented from 2011 to 2013 as a pilot project reflecting the emerging “University for the Future” model. The project was based on a broader perspective on education and deeper, more creative ways of learning. The School was located within Palacky University Olomouc, the 2nd oldest university in the Czech Republic.

Overall, more than 140 courses in all disciplines and levels took place over three years. More than 4000 students and faculty were trained in the School. In addition, a book series was published, entitled “Leadership in Transformation of Worldview and Higher Education”.

The core concept was transformative leadership, which includes self transformation, group and community transformation and societal transformation. Teaching staff came from several universities in the Czech Republic complemented by foreign experts hired for particular courses and for developing the book series.

The objective of the School for Transformative Leadership was to create an interdisciplinary leadership training program with the ambition to:

  1. Revive the original essence of knowledge as the love of wisdom – The word philosophy originates from the Greek filein – to love, and sofia – wisdom.
  2. Overcome fragmentation and reductionism, and apply insights from science and other fields to leadership and personal development;
  3. Teach leadership not as a process of self advancement but self development (Transformative leadership is self-transformation as a means of transforming groups, organizations and society);
  4. Foster an evolution in thinking beyond narrow visions of short-term profits, coercive power and material success;
  5. Transform the existing model of education and leadership training;
  6. Integrating insights from science and other fields in the study and practice of leadership;
  7. Promote individual and collective action to advance the common good;
  8. Integrate a wide range of scholars and practitioners in collaborative efforts, including social scientists, historians, philosophers, theologians, cosmologists, physicists, biologists, medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, cognitive scientists as well as religious and spiritual leaders.

The School for Transformative Leadership was supported by the ESF funding programme of the EU and the Czech Ministry of Education.