A highly innovative endeavour of transdisciplinary and international curriculum development has been started recently in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire. The goal of the Transition Catalyst Programme is to enable change makers to develop system innovations and to generate collective impact.

Unlike lecture-based courses, the Transition Catalyst is mainly based on collaboratories, a new learning, innovation and stakeholder involvement methodology designed to stimulate co-learning, co-creation and co-design among diverse participants.

Another innovative feature is that the Transition Catalyst Programme does not separate different target groups from each other but brings them together for inter-cultural, inter-professional and inter-generational learning and development. The programme design will allow to include traditional and non-traditional students across educational levels, i.e. PGCert, PGDip, and MA levels, complemented by local and international BA electives, a CPD, and research degrees.

The first part of the programme development is supported by a HEFCE grant.